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Firstly - A RANT. Pixi need to sort out their customer service unfortunately. I rang the shop a couple of days before I visited London at the end of May and was OFFERED the ability to reserve two bottles of this Glow Tonic (one for me and one for Islay) by the lovely lady that answered the phone although I was prepared for the possibility that I might have to pay directly over the phone if I wanted to pick them up whilst 'in town'. I obviously jumped at the chance to reserve as £4.50 for postage is a little steep, let's be honest. Not only that I was on my lunch break when I phoned and had no time to faff about with the purse. I was asked for my name and Islay's name and the sales assistant told me they'd be waiting for us. I couldn't have been happier. However when I got to the shop and asked after the reserved bottles I was very abruptly told that reservations were not allowed at all. I said that I'd been offered it on the telephone and the sales assistant raised an eyebrow and told me icily that 'the person on the phone was wrong.' I felt like replying "Change your tone of voice - there's being factual and then there's being plain rude". She was brusque and sounded bored. When I tried to explain she simply cut me off mid-sentence and waved her hand like what I had to say didn't matter. It didn't leave a great impression and it angered me.

Don't bother going into the Pixi shop - they're just plain rude in there from what I've experienced. I'd rather pay the £4.50 p+p to avoid the staff. I'm just grateful there was two bottles left so we bought those instead of our 'reserved' ones. If there hadn't have been two bottles left I would have fuming. 

Pixi - sort your staff out and perhaps give them a course in how to talk to their customers.

Anyway, now I've got that off my chest (can you tell I was really unimpressed?) I'll start talking about the product. The Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic is now the most in demand exfoliating toner in the UK. It sells out within days of being in stock. There's a one-bottle-per-customer policy. And it's all because of Caroline Hirons, the skincare guru, recommending it as a fabulous dupe for the P50 Exfoliating Toner. If Caroline Hirons recommends something I'll go hell-for-leather after it until I get it.

The first thing that I noticed about this product, apart from the lack of frilly packaging, was the scent: it's really medicinal. I put that down to the Witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut in the ingredients as they're quite medicinal scents on their own. The ingredients list is fairly impressive: a what's what of natural ingredients like those mentioned previously as well as Aloe Vera and Ginseng. All of these combined with Glycolic Acid remove dead skin cells from the face, firm and smooth the skin and perk up the complexion. It's also alcohol free so it won't dry your face out.

The light pink fluid comes out of the hygienic pump very quickly. It also doesn't seem to have a definitive direction and sprays everywhere so I have to hold my cotton pad almost right under the pump to make sure none of the product goes to waste. I then take the cotton pad all over my face, including around my eyes (avoid getting it in your eyes though - as usual I've managed to get some product in my eye when I half asleep and as it's acidic it f***ing hurts. I do wonder how I haven't managed to blind myself yet.). 

I've been using this product for the majority of June now and although it didn't provide results instantly/overnight I've started to notice a massive change in the way my skin feels now I've been using it regularly.

The appearance of the fine lines around my eyes are definitely diminishing, although not completely reversed. My skin went through a little bit of a 'purge' when I first started using it but now my blemishes are much more infrequent. I look more 'glowy' and my make up is less patchy towards the end of the day. My moisturiser sinks in a lot quicker (presumably because there aren't any dead skin cells to get in the way or form a barrier).

Would I recommend it? I really do like it and I would recommend it. I think that, for the price, it's a great addition to my skincare routine and it's helped my skin no end. It's just a shame the staff in the shop are in need of some customer service training. 

Pixi SkinTreats Glow Tonic is available from the Pixi Beauty store, Carnaby Street, London. RRP: £16.00. Postage and Packaging for mail orders costs £4.50. Telephone 0207 287 7211.


  1. What awful service! Ive seen this on blogs youtube 4 times already together so I think someone is trying to tell me something! I definitely need to try this!

    Beth May Blogs

  2. I wrote a post you may be interested in. Bravura London toner which is almost indentcal in ingredients to Pixi Glow Tonic except it's available online and their customer service is great (should you ever need to speak to them)

  3. I like the sound of this and I hope Pixi take note with what you have said, I would have told said woman to pipe down and show some respect xx

  4. I weep at bas customer service, there was a better way to handle the situation. Always get the person's name on the phone just in case!

  5. Their customer service is awful - I have emailed/called SO many times trying to buy one of their bloody products and haven't had an answer. I've given up and have bought the Bravura dupe Pampered Prince mentioned, I refuse to jump rings to buy a product!!

  6. Oooh this looks so good!

  7. I have this and much prefer it to a normal exfoliator. I originally emailed to order this but didn't get a reply within a few days (I got one weeks later), so ordered over the phone. The girl who answered was really helpful and it was an easy process. I think the postage is a bit overpriced though, it took about a week to arrive xx

  8. I want to try this so bad!! Great post, shame about the service though, will definitely order mine over the phone!

  9. The customer service sounds awful!!! Glad it's now available online, just ordered mine, can't wait for it to arrive.


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