Wednesday, 26 June 2013

HEY, IT'S OK #11


To be totally in love with a pair of £6 gladiator sandals and wear them even when it's raining.

To be growing your nails for the sole purpose of being able to buy Nails Inc Baker Street.

To have a bean bag in the living room whose only purpose is to be a foot rest.

To raise an eyebrow at your sister when she makes comments about larger ladies wearing Body Con dress. Ahem, that includes me sis.

To always have an urge to take a Nana Nap - even in the middle of a busy work shift.

To just know when a blemish is going to appear and go all out to stop if from happening. Then it happens anyway.

To feel retro when eating Viennetta icecream.

To be bloated and in pain with cramps an hour after eating said Viennetta because you're lactose intolerant but maintain that it was completely worth it.


  1. I have a bean bag for that exact purpose xx

  2. Baker Street is to DIE for, I keep hunting through Barry M and Sinful Colours in the hope I'll find a dupe to spare me the pennies, but the world's against me saving money! xxx

  3. Barry M Blue Grape is a great dupe for Baker Street! xxx


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