Wednesday, 5 June 2013



To really not like personal space invasion unless it's invited. Seriously, there is no need to stand that close.

To organise the whole house but avoid chucking out anything that looks like a book, accessory or beauty item (the three categories that make up most of the junk that needs organizing).

To keep writing 'TO DO' lists and then ignoring them completely.

To blow dry the cat so it looks more voluminous instead of scrawny.

To wake up with absolutely no motivation to do anything. It happens. Embrace it. Stay in bed.

To have a blogging diary instead of a normal one. That dentists appointment? I can forget that. When the next post is due? Now that's important stuff.

To only sniff the candles in Diptyque. Let's face it: they're beautiful but there is no way I'm spending more than my weekly shop on something I'm going to set fire to.

To have organised your entire DVD collection into genres and then A-Z only to get frustrated when you can't remember where your favourite movie is.


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