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I will openly admit that purple tones are not usually my thing - much less so in a lipstick. 

Don't get me wrong - I have been adoring the recent berry trend but I thought true purples and plums would be just too much for me. Then I picked up this No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick up in 'Glace' on a whim in December. I wasn't really supposed to looking for a colour like this at all - I wanted a soft nude originally. But having seen the likes of MAC Plumful floating about the blogosphere I went for it. I am under no illusions, by the way, that this is a dupe for MAC Plumful or any of the other purple/plum lipsticks currently circulating.

Still, on with review...

The packaging is the lovely new sleek packaging that No7 have been using since the re-branding. I much prefer this type of packaging to the older type because it feels a little more elegant. The bullet is a striking mauve purple with a more than a mere hint of gold shimmer. I guess I was feeling brave. Anyway, the colour of the bullet translates well to a swatch even if it isn't particularly pigmented. The formula is fairly sheer which makes it easier to wear than it would if it was matte and it can built up for a more intense colour. The gold gives a slight frosted appearance though which, as everyone knows, is aging on some skin tones.

This is a strange shade in the fact that it looks completely different under different lights. In natural light the purple/mauve comes through a lot more whilst under household lighting it has a more pink look about it with the gold really showing.

It's quite moisturising and it stays on the lips a lot longer than I expected it to considering the formula. It wears away evenly within 2-3 hours depending on how much drinking/eating you are doing. It probably won't be a shade that I reach for too often but its good to have the option of using it when I feel like it. I'll definitely be trying more from the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick range though - probably in 'safer' colours (boo - I know I'm boring!).

No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in 'Glace' is available from Boots in-store and online. RRP: £9.50.

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  1. Love love love this lipstick, it is the perfect colour not being to dark nor to light..great review x


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