Saturday, 12 January 2013


I saw this tag on Hayley's blog, Waterpainted Dreams and I thought I would give it a go. I hope that it isn't too boring to read through and I've tried to make it as quirky as possible. I'm not the most interesting of people but after having a quick scan over the results of the mini-poll I'm running in the sidebar at the moment (please vote if you haven't already!) some of you are keen to know more about my lifestyle. This is a little insight into my world...


1. I always flick to the beauty section of any magazine first.

2. A lot of the time I don't even bother to read the rest of the magazine. Ever.

3. I once spent two hours making sure that my eyebrows were symmetrical. They weren't. Gutted.

4. I didn't own my first pair of jeans until I was 15.

5. I used to genuinely think that corduroy purple baggies with skater chains attached were a great look.

6. I've just stopped biting my nails. Like, a week ago.

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with foundation coverage - it can't be too light/too covering. It has to be 'just right' for me.

8. I love my cat Minnie, I'd never hurt her or let her be harmed. But her attitude stinks. She rivals Grumpy Cat.

9. Dave calls me Sheldon because, apparently, I can be like the character from The Big Bang Theory.

10. My absolute pet hate is people who talk over others. It's so disrespectful and shows you don't care what the they have to say.

11. If I had my way at least one room in my house would be pink. Probably my bedroom. Hot pink.

12. I took a Drama GCSE, didn't go to the exam and got a D. My coursework must have been awesome.

13. I didn't go to most of the lessons for my A/S Levels and still passed all of my exams.

14. I'm really funny about scent - I can be very very picky. Yet I have a massive perfume collection. Go figure.

15. Friends and family say I'm a nightmare to buy gifts for. I admit that I am.

16. I love gardening. 

17. Olivia Palermo is my ultimate style icon.

18. Dave shouts at me to put my phone down as I'm always texting/tweeting/checking blogger. 

19. All of my tattoos have an 'oriental' theme except one: 2 dragons, a lot of kenji symbols and one quote.

20. I own an ugly doll. It's supposed to be called Flatwoodsey. I call it Bob.

50_Facts_About_Me_Tag (2)

21. My bookcase is my most prized possession. It was handmade for me by a family member for my 21st birthday.

22. I started seeing Dave on May Day. Trust me - the irony is not lost on me.

23. I was morbidly obese when I was 10.

24. I love period dramas.

25. I was put forward by my college for Oxbridge. I dropped out soon after.

26. My favourite type of weather is snow.

27. I don't own a pair of trainers or anything remotely sporty eg. tracksuit bottoms.

28. I still don't quite understand my phone. It's an iPhone 4S.

29. I genuinely get so annoyed when people ask me why I'm not a vet like my dad. I'm just not, OK?

30. I can't hide my emotions. If I think you're a pillock it shows on my face. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

31. My way of dealing with stressful situations now is to become incredibly cynical and sarcastic. And then to laugh.

32. I like my clothes to smell great and use almost a quarter of a bottle of fabric conditioner per wash.

33. My favourite place in the world is Marrakech. This may be weird but it feels like home.

34. I spend far too much time day dreaming of becoming a pro-blogger/beauty journalist.

35. I think that the current Rennie advert 'Stomach' actually looks like a blown up condom.

36. I want long hair and then I cut it all off. I have short hair then I grow it. I can't make up my mind.

37. Only two people in the entire world are allowed to call me 'Fruitbat': My dad and Islay. Reasons will not be disclosed.

38. I'm only scared of three things: building cranes, moths and crane flies (daddy long legs).

39. My poison of choice will always be dark rum, fresh lime and diet cola.

40. I have drank white wine vinegar in shot form. Voluntarily.

41. I've also snorted sherbert. Voluntarily.

42. I genuinely adore children's animated films like Despicable Me, Over The Hedge and Open Season.

43. I have a soft spot for 50s style but don't own anything remotely vintage.

50_Facts_About_Me_Tag (3)

44. My favourite saying is ' It's Better Than A Poke In The Eye'. I say it a lot.

45. I was bullied for a lot of the time I was in school in one way or another. It makes it hard to trust people.

46. I think first impressions are misleading. I always like to give people a second chance to prove themselves.

47. Occasionally I will dance to Scat Man around my living room and hope that no one catches me doing it.

48. I crave Orange Fanta intermittently.

49. My ex-boyfriend once told me I looked like a 'fatter Katy Perry' when I had a fringe. I believed him *face palm*.

50. Dave is making me watch Snakes On A Plane as I type this and that movie is horrible. Cue nightmares.

This was actually quite hard to start with and then became easier as I progressed through the numbers. I wasn't sure what types of facts I should be sharing but then I thought 'To Hell with it, I'll just write the facts and I'll be myself.' I don't think any of it is especially abnormal (let me know if you think that it is!) and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I tag... well, anyone that wants to do this tag really. Let me know if you have in the comments below so I can have a nosy!


  1. Number 30 is me!! This is such a fun idea for a post :) x

  2. HAHA I loved reading this! Coincidentally when my husband and I first started watching TBBT he used to compare me to Sheldon as well! And moths are so frightening, I totally agree with you on that. Such a fun post!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

    1. Thanks Ellie - yeah TBBT is constantly on in our house! Moths are just disgusting!! xxx

  3. I can't believe you managed to write this so quickly, mine took me ages! Just the thought of 40 makes me feel sick! x

    1. It was completely disgusting! Still at least its one of those things in life I can now check off my 'To Do' list haha! xxx

  4. i'm completely the same as no. 15!

    1. I think a lot of people are - I usually get given money so people don't have to worry about it! xxx

  5. I show my emotions in my face & cant hide it if im annoyed at someone.
    This was a great post. If your said to be like Sheldon thats not so bad he is very intelectual & individual :o)

    1. Haha I like Sheldon so I don't mind but I think Dave means it in the way I correct people and I don't share credit etc haha! xxx

  6. So many of these I love and agree with :) Great post sweetie xx

  7. I love this post! The phrase 'Better than a poke in the eye' is fabulous and Olivia Palermo does always look gorgeous, she has a figure worthy murdering for. Plus, I can honestly I'll never watch a Rennie advert with a straight face! Aha, this was hilarious, lovely! I loved it!
    Mia x

    1. Thanks Mia! I get my sayings from my dad and went through a phase when I was very small of saying all the things he did but to teachers haha! Oops! Yeah sorry - I think a lot of people are now going to be watching the Rennie advert and thinking of johnnies hahaha! :D xxx

  8. Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.
    I agree with you with number 10.
    Also, you really didnt wear jeans till u were 15?

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

    1. Thanks for commenting - I'll be checking out the links soon :D and yup - not until I was 15! It was all cargo pants before that! :D xxx

  9. Great idea, congrats on finding 50 things, god knows I doubt I'd be able to! I honestly didn't notice the Rennie ad til now, I'll now be laughing my head off in front of my parents who just won't understand! Afraid of building cranes and crane flies, I take it a crane offended you as a child? :P Totally with you on the snorting sherbet, it messed with my head for hours after, I even crushed up a Polo and snorted it... absolutely no idea why! I'm really curious about your tattoos, would you consider making a post on them at some point? :) xxx

    1. Hiya Ali - yeah cranes of any description are a no go! Maybe I watched far too many C-List movies as a child or something? I'm still trying to figure out how to take the photos of my tattoos as some are in awkward places like wrapped around my thigh etc :D I'll put it up soon though I hope! xxx


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