Thursday, 20 February 2014



I've wanted a Tom Ford lipstick from the moment that I realised they existed. For me, Tom Ford is one of those designer brands that is so covet-able that I simply couldn't imagine owning any part of it. A little like Chanel, or Dior. I faced the fact I would never be that girl that wears designer labels a long time ago but now, through the wonder that is cosmetics, here I am with my own little piece of luxe.

The packaging is a classic black and gold which looks understated whilst maintaining an effortless chic. It's a a box shape which makes it a little bulkier to throw in a handbag or clutch compared to other lipsticks but I'm literally just making an observation there - it's not like it's dragging my arm down or anything when I choose to travel about with it.

The formula is very creamy and easy to apply from the bullet although I've taken to applying it from the opposite side of the imprinted 'TF' so I can keep it looking it's best for as long as possible. It can have a tendency to smudge a little though so this lipstick is best used when I have a little more time on my hands.

The colour is called 'Indian Rose'. Most people, when they buy lipsticks such as this, would have bought a really powerful colour such as a deep crimson or a wild coral but I wanted this purchase to be something that I get a lot of use out of. I wanted it to be a my-lips-but-better colour - something I can simply put on and instantly feel good about myself when wearing. This is absolutely that perfect shade. It's slightly more pink than my actual lip colour but it's super subtle and sophisticated and looks good with absolutely anything. I especially love wearing this lipstick for work as it makes me feel more confident. I have a couple of 'dupes' for this shade in my stash already - most noteably Rimmel Lasting Perfection in '08'. 

Do I regret spending that kind of money on a lipstick? Absolutely not. If it's going to be a staple for my every day makeup then I see it as an investment and I won't think twice about repurchasing it in the future.

Tom Ford Lip Color in 'Indian Rose' (RRP £36.00) is available from Tom Ford cosmetics counters across the country - notably Selfridges and the Selfridges website


  1. This is such a really pretty shade x

  2. Oh so pretty! Looks almost to good to use if you know what I mean! xx

  3. What a gorgeous shade Helen! Really pretty! xx

  4. What a beautiful shade. I also love the name of this lipstick :) X

  5. Such a pretty colour! Love your blog! :) x


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