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Origins is one of those brands that I've wanted to try for a long long time. I can't even begin to express how long. That being said, if it wasn't for the amazing Islay buying me this set as a Christmas gift I would still be wanting. Now I have them in my mitts and have been using them for a few weeks I've decided I can give a definite and definitive review of all three. 


Out of all three masks in the set this is probably the one that I was most interested in seeing if the claims about it were true. There are esteemed bloggers that rave about this mask and, as my skin has decided to go hay-wire recently, I desperately needed the claims to be true. It has a thick consistency that I found hard to squeeze out of the tube at first. For the first couple of uses I only used a thin layer across the T-Zone and any areas where I felt my skin was misbehaving. It really is a murky grey colour and it's very messy to apply - I managed to get grey finger prints all over my bathroom - but it does to a hard mask reasonably quickly. I leave this on for at least 15 minutes per use before removing with warm water and a damp flannel/ I find it's easier to remove in small circular motions so I don't tug at my skin but be warned that it's hard to get out of eyebrows if you accidentally get some in the hairs. The scent is barely noticeable - certainly nothing to get excited about - and it didn't irritate my skin or leave any angry redness from a reaction. The results of using this face mask weren't instant. I don't think that any mask can claim an instant improvement - especially when you get the kind of hyper-pigmentation that I do after a break out - but I do think that with continued use the results are starting to show. My skin is definitely a lot clearer than it has been recently and I feel like it's unclogging a lot of the pores across my nose that had previously been a concern. In short, I like it but it hasn't blown me away. I feel like it's a good mask and would definitely be a good one for really oily skin types but I would think twice about repurchasing it over something cheaper. 


I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to moisturising my skin. I simply have to do it through fear of my face feeling tight or looking older than I am in 10 years time (it's all about the ageing process at the moment). This is the mask in the set that I hadn't really heard much about - it's always been eclipsed by the Drink Up Intensive and, as such, was the one that I was least interested in trying. I've been using it about three times a week, usually in the spare minutes before I have to put my make-up on and go to work, when I feel like my usual moisturiser just won't cut it in the wind and rain we've been having. It's a white, thick consistency that smells wonderfully light and citrus. It spreads easily and sinks into the skin very quickly (or, at least, my skin adores it and soaks it up like a sponge). It's easy to remove afterwards with a cotton pad or a damp, warm flannel and I always follow with more moisturiser. It doesn't irritate my skin and it eliminates dry patches for make-up application beautifully. I feel like my skin enjoys this product so much and it's a quick fix for those days when my skin needs some extra tender loving care. I do really like it and I would recommend it if you're not the type of person that indulges in good skin pampering time on a regular basis - if you're constantly on the go or only have snippets of time to treat yourself rather than full evenings. New mothers would definitely benefit from a mask like this as it isn't particularly messy to apply and as it absorbs it becomes clear so that if you forget you have it on and have to rush out of the door it wouldn't be embarrassing to be seen in public wearing it (sounds absurd but I have ventured to the shop on my street wearing this and no one noticed). It left my skin feeling soothed and plump as well as hydrated. I'll definitely repurchase this when it runs out.


Of all the products Origins has to offer it's this mask that I have wanted to try the longest. Lily Pebbles is it's biggest advocate and as she has perfect skin I took her word as gospel that it's definitely something I need in my life. She wasn't wrong. A lot like the Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, this is a lightly citrus scented mask that applies easily and leaves my skin feeling very comfortable. It becomes clear as it skins into the skin but as this is a mask that's designed to be left on overnight it doesn't sink in as quickly as it's affiliate does. I apply a generous layer to my face a couple of hours before I go to bed, allowing the majority to have soaked into my face, before I hit my pillow. The only issue is that I tend to sleep on my side and this mask dictates that I should sleep on my back. If I do wake up on my side in the morning I'm greeted with greasy hair and a messy pillow which isn't ideal. Still, for the results, it's kind-of worth it. Again, excess can be removed with a cotton pad or damp cloth and I follow with my usual morning routine and more moisturiser. Because I have the 10 Minute version of this mask I've only been using it once a week but I feel like that's more than adequate at the moment - in summer I may feel like I need to use it two or three times a week. My skin is left feeling extremely hydrated and soft with, I feel, a healthy glow afterwards. It's just incredible. It'll definitely be a repurchase in the future. 

Overall this was an awesome trio to try with only one of the masks being somewhat of a let-down (but how many times are products over-hyped?) so I'm really grateful I got the opportunity to try it. I feel like I can safely recommend the Drink Up masks to everyone and I'll have no qualms about parting with money for them again and again in the future. 

ORIGINS MASK MARVELS SET was a Christmas gift set and therefore is no longer available. Prices range for the individual masks. You can see the full range from Origins here. Origins is also sold through Boots. Follow Origins on Twitter and Facebook for more information on products, new product launches, competitions, news and to contact the company. 

This set was bought for me as a Christmas gift from a friend. The brand have had no input into this review and the products featured are not PR samples nor have they been sponsored in any way. All opinions, as always, are my own. Any questions or feedback should be emailed to beautifullysuperfluous@live.co.uk or tweeted to me at @Superfluous_B.


  1. I have the overnight mask and think it is fantastic x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Great post - I wish this set was still available as I'd love to try it! Been lusting after the drink up ones for ever. xx


  3. I was so bummed when Christmas passed and I missed out on purchasing this set, the products all sound wonderful!


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