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I never used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes - predominately because my bottom lashes always inevitably smudge and that means I end up looking like a panda after only a couple of hours of being out of the house. I caved after my most recent pay day and ended up paying for this Clinique Bottom Lash Long Wearing Formula Mascara. I've seen it talked about before by various bloggers and decided that it could be worth a try after a couple of weeks of umming and arghing over it. It's possibly the smallest, prettiest mascara on the market right now. The floral pattern on the tube is subtly whimsical and I love having it out on my vanity for that reason.

The wand is tiny - perfect for getting right into the roots of your lower lashes without poking yourself in the eye or smudging your under eye area. I've found this mascara is best applied when the formula has dried out slightly as it's less likely to make it's way down your face when it has a lower drying time but it does wear for a while brilliantly - even in humidity - without smudging (it's been rigorously tested at my place of work and in the shower). It's a bit of a bitch to remove - it takes a good oil-based cleanser and some pressing with a cotton pad but it will eventually lift.

I suppose the big question is - would I repurchase? Whilst I wouldn't rule it out I do feel like now I have the wand I could just wash it off thoroughly and use it in a normal waterproof mascara tube to save some money in the future.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Long Wear Formula (RRP £13.00) is available from Clinique counters across the UK. I purchased mine from Boots.


  1. If you want a good bottom lash mascara that's easy to remove Maybelline's Big Eyes mascara is REALLY good. You get a big and little wand so it's 2 in 1 :) x

  2. This mascara made me use mascara on my bottom lashes regularly, and I really like how no-fuss it is. That reminds me I need to repurchase another tube!


  3. Oo I would have thought that the price tag would have been a little big more expensive so that's a pleasant surprise. I've only started applying mascara on my lower lash line so might have to give this product a go :) X

  4. interesting although i am not sure if i would be that keen on buying this!



  5. we've heard so much about Clinique's bottom lash mascara, but we've never been able to bring ourselves to buy it. But reusing the brush with ordinary mascara is a great idea, we might have to see if we can find a small mascara wand that will do the same job! The packaging is gorgeous too!


  6. i have never tried a clinique mascara but thanks for sharing :)

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