Saturday, 11 August 2012


When it comes to anything that sparkles, glistens and glints I am a magpie. I especially love jewelry. There isn't a lot that sends me loopier and I am forever picking up new 'bits and bobs' even though I've had an incident before where I have doubled up on a necklace because I had forgotten that I already owned it.

I have so much jewelry that I am constantly running out of storage solutions for them so I end up with earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings and necklaces draped over pretty much any inanimate object in my home whilst Dave fears to tread bare-footed as he's been spiked by a rogue stud rolling around the floor or carpet on more than one occasion.

So, now the majority of my silver and gold and plated metal has been resigned to my bedroom (for the time being) after I cleaned and tidied the house the other day, here are the ways in which I store my jewellery.


Dave bought me this jewellery box from Argos as part of his first birthday gift to me. I opened it, eagerly expecting the glisten of metal inside in some sort of jewellery shape, but found it completely empty. I looked up at him puzzled and besides from calling me ungrateful (blush - it does look that way, doesn't it?) his exact words were: ''I will fill it for you over the course of our lives together.'' Awww - how romantic?

This box is from Argos, RRP £34.99, and comes in a cream version too. It's lockable so I tend to keep my most important pieces in here but as I'm currently relocating my earrings it's storing them too.

To have a closer look at this jewellery box click here.


I have a number of large or long necklaces that needed a home and so they now reside on my mirror. By which I mean they are draped off the corners and give a lovely shabby-chic boudoir feel my bedroom. They're simply too big for my necklace stand (more of that in a minute) so this is the perfect place along with neck ties and cute bags I don't want to throw away (I'm such a bag hoarder).

Dave made me this mirror for our first Christmas together so unfortunately this isn't available to the mass public. He makes furniture for a living and I am a very lucky girl as I know he spent several hours at his mother's house making sure that this would fit snuggly on my dressing table.


I don't actually know anyone that doesn't own some sort of jewelry or necklace stand. This one was a gift from Rach a few Christmasses ago and I love it. It was from Monsoon and although I have trailed through their website I can't find it. However if you are looking for a gorgeous trinket box than look no further so please click here.

I use this stand for my more dainty necklaces and the occasional bracelet (around the top). I like that it's black so it will go with any color scheme it encounters in what is bound to be it's much loved lifespan.


On one of my more thriftier weeks I actually took myself into a Charity Shop (the crowd goes wild) looking for books but bought these instead. They were just 75p for the pair - hello bargain! - and although they haven't yet seen a candle, they've come in very useful for storing studs and rings at the end of the night when I take things off just before I'm about to get myself ready for bed. Also they're rather good at holding change that has fallen out of Dave's jeans...


I only store jewelry like this if it's come to me as a gift and there are only ever two reasons for this:

1. My mother has had a helping hand in choosing it which usually means I'm going to hate it and therefore not wear it.

2. I love it so much that I don't want to ruin that piece and am therefore keeping it for a very special occasion, in it's box, untouched by dirt, dust and general wear and tear.

I only have a couple of bits that I keep like this as I usually end up wearing them regardless of my rules to please Ryan. He used to have to ask my mother to pick out these bits for me when he was young but since getting a Saturday job he's started choosing his own gifts for me (bless him).

How do you store your jewellery?
Do you like how I store mine?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

P.S. I realise that I have banded some names around in this post that will probably baffle those of you that don't know me personally so click here to go to a post I wrote wayyyy back when I first started this blog to see who these people are!


  1. Wow the comment about the jewelry box from your friend was so sweet aww! I do pretty much the same as you, I have so much jewelry and I just keep buying it - I can't help myself. I'm always looking for new places and pretty things to store it in though I like change :')

    Elle - xo

    1. If it glitters it's mine - ha always finding so many earrings etc around the house! I need even more storage than this haha! xxx

  2. I love your jewellery box!x

    Please check out my blog:

    1. Thank you - I will have a look when my Internet is back on my laptop again :) xxx

  3. I need to find some new storage ideas for jewellery! Own way too much x

    1. I think every girl does! Thanks for commenting :) xxx

  4. I store my jewellery everywhere but would like one place for it xx Loving your jewellery box going to have to check that out xx Great blog btw xx Im having a giveaway would love for you to check it out xxx

    1. I will check it out definitely - thank you for letting everyone know xxx


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